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Does Insurance Cover Oil Spills Or Not?

Are oil spills covered by insurance?

If you have an oil spill at your place of business, you may be wondering if the insurance is going to cover the full amount of the restoration process. It could be a small spill, sitting on top of asphalt or cement, whereas others might be much more significant. Gallons or barrels of oil could fall onto the ground, quickly saturating or percolating into the soil. There is also the possibility that you may have oil that is filled in the rivers or oceans, and this can be some of the most difficult types of oil to recover. It is essential to get Bioremediation experts such as SpillTech to clean up the environmental spillage. If you are wondering if your insurance coverage will cover oil spills, let’s take a look at what most insurance policies have to say about cleaning up oil spills today.

Is This Something That Is Covered In Residential Homes?

This is not usually a stipulation within residential home insurance policies, or any type of policy that is regarding residential properties or communities. The type of coverage that will focus upon oil spills is almost always industrial or commercial in nature. In particular, it pertains to businesses that are consistently working with oil in different mediums. You may have a large oil business that is in charge of pipelines that are spending many hundreds of miles. There is always the possibility that at the could occur. There is also the more detrimental possibility that you may have an oil spill in the ocean or rivers. When oil gets into the water, although it will not mix, trying to recover the oil can be a difficult task. It may take many different machines, hundreds of highly trained individuals, and a fleet of ships just to try to resolve the problem. With that in mind, you may wonder if this is covered by commercial or industrial policies.

Who Typically Pays when Oil Spills Occur?

When oil spills do occur, this can be very problematic especially in the ocean. there were many incidents in the world, some of which involved the production of thousands of gallons of oil flowing into the ocean due to drilling operations. This could be very disastrous, not only for the condition of the water, but the marine life and also the plant life in the area. Eventually, the oil will make it on its way to the shores where it can affect animals that are in the shallow water or that come close to the beaches. In these cases, institutions like FEMA might be contacted, but this is often not a government based operation. In these cases, there are private insurance companies that are risking quite a bit on providing spill coverage for these oil businesses. Most of that money is going to come out of the pocket of the businesses that have led to the problem. This is why many businesses will suffer for years, if not decades, trying to pay off loans that they will have to take out to pay those that were affected.

Is There Any Type Of Insurance Cover For Oil Spills?

In general, there is not going to be any specific type of coverage for oil spills. This is going to be handled by the individual that caused the problem, or the company that was responsible for the spill itself. This would not fall under the category of some type of natural event. It is simply the results of human error, or problems with machinery, that have led to the incident. On top of that, no insurance company would honestly want to pay out billions of dollars, which could bankrupt them, if these spills became more consistent. Therefore, even though they may have slight coverage in regard to oil spills for certain businesses, most of that is going to be paid by the companies that are responsible for any oil spillage.

If They Do Offer Coverage How Long Would It Take To Get Compensation?

This is a very difficult question because there are so many factors involved. For example, if you are dealing with a simple auto accident, there is typically a couple parties involved, photographs are taken, claims are filed, and the respective insurance companies will pay out the claims. The more minimal the damage, the faster the claims will be paid out. This is a key factor to consider as an oil spill, especially one of great magnitude, could lead to billions of dollars in the cleanup operations alone. This does not count the civil litigation that could come at the companies responsible from the hundreds or thousands of people that would be affected. There will also be environmental laws that will likely be broken, and the cleanup efforts along the beaches as the oil washes up. There will also be lawsuits from property owners that now have oil on their shores if they are people that live near the ocean. If this is involved with the river, the same is true, and is oil flowing down a major river could affect hundreds of people and businesses along the way. Therefore, if there is an insurance company that does cover this, they likely charge extremely high premiums and will likely not cover everything.

If you are looking for insurance coverage to cover oil spills, you may not find very many companies willing to do this. The concept of oil spills typically refers to major spills made by large companies. Whether the spills are on land, at sea, or somewhere near rivers that are flowing, these can be disastrous for people, businesses, and the environment. It would be very risky for a company to offer insurance for these types of incidences. However, if you are working with oil in any capacity, and you are worried about the cost of spillage, you should start looking for a reliable business that can provide you with this type of coverage today. It will likely be very expensive due to the nature of this type of insurance. However, it will give you peace of mind, especially knowing how much you could potentially cost you if an oil spill does occur.

Why You Should Be Working With Top International Insurance Brokers

If you’re a frequent traveler, you’ll want to make sure you have the insurance coverage that you need. While you may think that you can find a suitable policy on your own, you’ll have a better experience if you work with top international insurance brokers. Working with an insurance agent can benefit you in a variety of ways.

Your Broker Will Work For You 

The goal of an insurance broker is to ensure that their clients are satisfied with the insurance coverage that they have. You’ll be able to tell a broker what you need, and they’ll work hard to ensure that those needs are met. You can also count on your broker to go through the fine print of your policy with you. When you work with a broker, you can be confident that you actually understand the type of coverage that you have.

Choosing the right travel insurance can be difficult, which is why it’s so beneficial to have someone working on your behalf. The broker that you choose will be on your side. They’ll find an insurance policy that you can be satisfied with.

You’ll Be Able To Ask Questions And Get The Support You Need 

It’s likely that you’ll have a lot of questions as you work to find the right insurance policy. When you work with a broker, you’ll always be able to get answers. You’ll be working alongside an expert that will be able to deliver the information that you need.

Furthermore, if you have an issue with your insurance policy at some point down the road, you can rely on your broker for assistance. This can be especially helpful when you’re overseas. You’ll have a smoother experience working with a broker than you would with a call center. When you work with the best insurance brokers, support will always be available to you.

You’ll Have More Options 

Realistically, you’ll only be able to find so many options for travel insurance when you search on your own. However, when you work with an insurance broker, you’ll have a number of appealing choices. A broker may even be able to help you mix and match policies from different providers so that you have insurance coverage that is customized to your unique needs.

When you work with a broker, you can tell them about what you need out of an insurance policy. For example, if you travel with valuable camera equipment, or if there are valuables stored in your luggage, you’ll want to make sure that those items are protected. However, you’ll want to be sure that you have health insurance coverage while you’re abroad as well.

Working with an agent will help to ensure that you have plenty of options to choose from. One of the biggest benefits of working with an insurance agent is that you won’t have to make major compromises about your insurance coverage. Your broker will work to present you with options that are in your budget and fit your needs.

Working With A Broker Will Save You Time 

Finding the right insurance coverage can take up a lot of time. When you work with a broker, you can save yourself some time while still ensuring that you get the level of coverage that you want. Many people that regularly travel internationally have busy schedules. You may not have the time to devote to finding the right insurance policy.

For top international insurance brokers, finding insurance policies for their clients is their full-time job. You can let your broker focus on finding the coverage that you need. You’ll be able to focus on your day-to-day responsibilities.

You’ll Wind Up With A Better Policy 

When you work with experts, you can expect better results. A top broker will be able to find you a better policy — or policies — than you would be able to find on your own. Insurance agents can research policies for you. They can crunch the numbers and determine whether or not a policy is cost-effective. They can put in the work to find policies that actually work for you.

Beyond that, an insurance agent will have connections that you don’t have. People that work in the insurance industry will have positive relationships with many insurance companies. An agent may even be able to negotiate on your behalf to ensure a better deal. When you work with one of the top brokers in the international insurance agency, you can expect results.

You May Save Money 

It’s likely that you’ll spend less if you work with a broker. Insurance companies are willing to offer their best rates to brokers, and those savings will be passed on to you.

Why are insurers willing to give brokers better deals? Insurance companies want to work with brokers because the risk is lower. The goal of a broker is to find the right policy for their clients. Insurance agents will take steps to make sure that their clients aren’t under-insured, which means an insurance company is less likely to have to process unnecessary claims. Insurance companies prefer working with clients that go through brokers.

You Can Still Research Options On Your Own 

Are you the kind of person that likes to find things on your own? If you prefer to do your own research, you should remember that you can still that if you work with an insurance agent. You can bring the policies you find to your broker. They can answer questions and tell you more. They may even be able to work with the insurance company to get you a better deal on the policy that you want.

Working with an insurance broker won’t prevent you from seeking out the information you need. If you choose to do so, you can investigate policies like you would if you were finding your own insurance. However, an insurance agent can help you to do more with the information that you find.

If you’re in need of travel insurance, you should be working with top international insurance brokers. Working with highly-rated brokers is the best way to secure the coverage you need.

The Importance of Home Insurance

Before getting to know the great importance of home insurance, it is vital to have a deep understanding of what home insurance is.

What is Home Insurance? 

As the name suggests, home insurance is a special type of property insurance that has your house covered from the likely occurrence of perils. Any danger you think about, be it accidents or thefts is covered under home insurance.

According to what you prefer, you may choose to buy a home insurance plan for a specific period, this way it covers you only for that duration. Such makes this insurance a contract, it is valid for a certain duration and is subject to renewal.

Why Home Insurance? 

Your home is without a doubt one of your biggest treasures. It is a secure place where you enjoy some quality time as you relax with family and pals. Again, your home is one of the assets where you have had big investments. All these give you a reason to protect your property through home insurance.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, more than 90% of all homeowners have safeguarded their homes with some insurance. Why not insure yours too? However, millions of homes are still uninsured, and this poses a risk of vast financial losses to the owners, in case of occurrence of a disaster or tragedy that would affect the property.

Here are the reasons why homeowners should insure their property: 

1. Protects the home and other valuables 

No matter the home insurance, to some extent it safeguards your property against a couple of hazards if not all. Some of these include harsh weather conditions, weather, and thefts. In case any of these happens, the insurance policy will help pay for some repairs and even replacements. This way, you can save some money.

Again, if the occurrence of a catastrophe renders your home uninhabitable, the insurance policy may help pay for temporary housing as repairs are done or as you look for somewhere to settle. This saves you from the stressful hustle.

Better still, some insurance policies will cover even the property in the house. Such may help acquire new ones, such as furniture and appliances in case the previous ones are damaged.

2. Protects against liabilities 

Home insurance policies cover liabilities too. Such covers you against injuries, cover guests or other third parties who may suffer the same while residing in the house. Your family members could also be held accountable for various damages to a visitor. This insurance covers all these, by paying for medical bills, lost wages or even legal fees. Generally, the home insurance policy protects you and your house from any legal problems that could arise.

3. A requirement by lenders 

Though it is not a law that you have it, most lenders these days require that you have one. They will always ask for sufficient proof and if it is not available, you have no more business with them. The reason they ask for it is that it protects your property and valuables from damages or harm that could come from fire outbreaks, severe weather and even thefts.

Under some circumstances, some lenders even buy insurance policies on your behalf, but under your name. In return, the lender adds the costs on your monthly payments, and you pay bit by bit. This shows how important home insurance could be while it comes to you purchasing various goods.

4. May cover temporary living expenses 

At the time of repair or renovation of a damaged house that was initially insured, the insurance policy will help sort your stay. The insurance company will cover all rent expenses you incur while the process of re-establishing your house is underway. This way you will not have to go through the strain and stress of trying to acquire emergency cash.

5. Easy to acquire 

Getting started on taking house insurance is easier than you think. The first and vital factor to consider is to do your research and find out the best insurance company out there. Look for what they require for you to insure with them. Prepare the necessary documents and the money they will require you to pay. Once all these are ready, off you go, and you secure your house.

As you have seen, home insurance is as important as your insurance. Try figuring out what would happen once your house is not insured and a disastrous event occurs. This will hit you hard financially, and you may end up in a financial crisis.

Again, worse, lacking a home insurance policy may hand you a jail term though not a long one. However, no need to gamble. For such reasons and many more, living without home insurance is a big risk not worth taking. Do your research and consultations and come up with the best option to protect your property.

What’s The Deal With Car Insurance?

In most states in the US, car insurance is compulsory. If you’re found on the road without it, you could face a fine of up to $2,000 – which can easily multiply if you get caught again. In some states, driving without car insurance might even lead to your licence being revoked.

Most of us know for certain that we need some form of car or liability insurance on the road, but have you ever questioned why that might be? We’ve looked at everything you need to know about the importance of car insurance below:

Helps cover financial costs

If you’re involved in a car accident, depending on the outcome of the situation, you might have to pay a hefty fee to fix your vehicle and the vehicles of any other involved parties. Car insurance can often cover a percentage of these costs, meaning the situation won’t leave you personally out of pocket.

Your lender might ask for it

If you’ve purchased a vehicle on finance, or you’ve taken out an auto loan, part of your agreement with your lender may include purchasing car insurance. This is often essential for protecting your lender’s investment, and many won’t let you proceed with a loan until you’re covered.

Protects you and your passengers

Nobody likes to think that they might sustain an injury on the road, but a good number of car insurance providers offer personal injury protection for if an unfortunate incident occurs. This means you won’t have to pay an unexpected medical bill to get treated by a doctor after a car accident.

It’s legal

Ultimately, you won’t get very far without insurance in most states, because it’s a legal requirement. Morally, you’ll feel better in yourself if you take out some form of auto insurance. It’s a fairly low monthly cost, and worth it for the benefits it provides.

Finding the Right Car Insurance

There are thousands of car insurance deals online, and taking the time to search through your options will help you find the best deal for you. Getting car insurance isn’t something to rush into. Shop around, compare prices, speak to people over the phone if you need to.

If you feel you could get insurance for a lower price, look elsewhere. There are always new deals cropping up, so be patient in your search, and don’t settle for something that isn’t right for you.

5 Simple Money-Saving Tips

We’re all looking to get that little bit more out of the money we earn, but knowing where to save is harder than it seems. When we have so many financial needs – insurance, bills, medical care, rent – it can be hard to make a cut without it directly impacting your life.

However, that’s not to say you can’t still save money without increasing your income or making huge compromises. Here are 5 simple money saving tips to help you put aside some extra cash every month:

Adopt a 50:30:20 budgeting plan

If you’ve never budgeted before, the simplest way to approach the task is by adopting a 50:30:20 plan. This means spending 50% of your monthly income on needs, dedicating 30% to your wants, and putting 20% straight into your savings. Once you’ve paid off your monthly needs, add 20% of your full income into your savings to avoid temptation of spending it on your wants.

Get new insurance

It’s easy to become set in your ways, especially when it comes to things like insurance. You might want to stick to the same insurance provider because you prefer the familiar, but this may mean you’re paying far more for the same product that’s been offered elsewhere. Shop around for the current deals on car, home and even pet insurance, and switch providers if you come across a better arrangement.

Save bonuses and tax returns

Been paid a little unexpected bonus at work? Stash the majority of it away in your savings. Of course, it’s important to treat yourself from time to time, but when a cash surprise comes along, you were never planning to spend it in the first place. Save it for a rainy day and you’ll appreciate it all the more when the time comes to spend it.

Buy a piggy bank

It’s a shame that piggy banks are mostly a thing of the past nowadays, as they still have their uses. If you ever make cash payments, rather than tossing your spare change on the floor, let it accumulate inside your piggy bank. Even if it doesn’t bring about a life-changing sum of money, you could save it to use on a monthly treat.

Automate your savings

The physical act of moving money into your savings account might be too difficult to bear – or you might legitimately just forget to do it. Many banking apps now let you automate transactions, meaning you can arrange for a specific sum of money to move directly into your savings on a weekly or monthly basis. You won’t even know the transaction is taking place, and if you’re saving the advised 20% a month, there’ll still be plenty of cash left to spare.

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